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papuci valentino barbati, You can obtain this specific model in multiple sizes, from XS all the way up to XXL. So no matter your head size, you should find the GT carbon in the right size. The interior ALVEOTECH lining is removable for easy cleaning. It features antimicrobial properties to reduce bacteria, keeping the liner clean for a longer period of time.SHARK Helmets SKWAL is one of the world's first major manufacturers' helmet that integrates embedded LED technology powered by a rechargeable. H Head Wrap a cloth measuring tape around your head just above your eyebrows and ears. Pull the tape comfortably snug, read the length, repeat for good measure and use the largest measurement. This is a new product that isn't Enter your email address below to be notified when this item is available.. Create an AccountorLog Into store your vehicles and shop exact-fit parts in a single click. The Shark Spartan is already sold in many countries including the U.S., and the Spartan GT has ECE 22.05 certification currently.The Race R PRO concentrates all what I am looking for in a helmet when riding my bike. In fact, it contributes to my riding performance. Randy de Puniet, June 22nd, 2012. A common theme when choosing a helmet is the shape of head you have. It might sound weird but some people simply cannot wear one style or manufacturer's helmets as their head-shape just doesn't work with the inherent style of the helmet. Conquer the road with the best of SHARK technology, combining outstanding safety and performance capabilities, plus a unique and dynamic style to become a true rider.The North American options are limited to solid white, black, and matte black plus a graphic pattern called Karken. It's an attractive enough pattern available in a Hi-Viz / black gloss finish and two colors in a matte finish. A special edition Lorenzo graphic in the matte finish rounds out the color options.If one has a bit more dome to their skull than I do they should fit just fine. The Spartan helmet punches above its weight in many ways. It's very comfortable, fits true to size, is very quiet, and the visors are optically very impressive.Sounds a little gimmicky, but it's designed to cut out exterior noise by forming a barrier round your neck. That said, there's almost total silence on how noisy the helmet is. I take that to be ‘it's OK', plus it's wind tunnel designed to be a slippery, aerodynamic shape and that always reduces noise from wind buffeting. Shark also say it's 4.5db quieter than their standard Race-R Pro. Another great, detailed, analytical and logical review, Jim.For those familiar with Shark's previous helmet lines, the Spartan essentially replaces the Speed-R series of helmets. The Spartan continues the mission of the Speed-R series being biased towards riding in clean air on bikes with low or no windscreens. Having owned an original Speed-R I can appreciate the evolution here that has addressed some of the issues I had with that helmet.It was the first to industrially manufacture a helmet made with carbon fiber in 1991. Since that time it has introduced to public plenty of innovative solutions to make riding safer. Today, it continues to develop and provide breakthrough technical innovations to increase both performance and user protection.

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