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columbus cigaretta töltő, Golden State's Clay Thompson, center, takes a shot during the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings' NBA preseason game at KeyArena, Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. Fans wait for autographs after the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings played an NBA preseason game at KeyArena, Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. Kids watch the jumbotron before the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings play a preseason game at KeyArena, Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. Fans wear Sonics gear as the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings play a preseason game at KeyArena, Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.The team might be weighing the possibility of trading Russell Westbrook, but if they do, they're only doing so to get an immediate help in pursuing the title. The Nets are not as good of a team as the Warriors so far, by any measure. Brooklyn is just sixth in adjusted net rating at DunksAndThrees.com, the Warriors are first.Both have been playing at a high level awhile now. That level brings with it a grocery list of haters. Tack on joining forces this year, and that list is now extensive. While it's going to take some time getting used to Durant in his new duds, it's going to be a treat to watch him, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and the rest of the Warriors on the floor together. Needless to say, the white home jerseys of the Warriors looked sharp on the former MVP.As for Durant, he has been the model of efficiency to start this season, leading the league in scoring despite ranking just 25th in minutes per game and 16th in shot attempts. This becomes even more impressive when factoring in that he is the only player in the NBA currently making at least 10 field goals per game . It isn't very often that a player manages to get his jersey retired after playing just two complete seasons for a team. Still, Durant accomplished more in these three seasons than most players do in an entire career.I was shocked that those four guys came in to meet me a couple of days ago, he said. He said they seemed like a family, and the conversation was organic, authentic and real. Born in Washington DC in the United States, Durant was enthusiastic about basketball from his childhood. During his teenage years, he used to travel around the country for basketball tournaments along with his father. He was also quite active in playing basketball in the schools he studied. After he entered the ‘University of Texas,' his brilliant skills in the sport earned him the ‘Oscar Robertson' award and the ‘Adolph F Rupp' awards, making him the first person to earn both honors as a freshman.Well…Durant broke that promise last summer, and the fans are left shell shocked and angry. As seen by the jersey burnings, this resentment is real. West, he calls him, as the two of have remained close since Harden was traded to the Rockets.He was also named the 2016 ‘co-USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year,' along with Carmelo Anthony. The dynamic gets perverted when you see fans who days ago professed love for a player burning that player's jersey in the streets. It's warped in every way, but it's a dynamic that's actually familiar to the rest of us everyday people.Durant has certainly earned the right to talk on the court over the course of his career, and especially recently for the Nets. Prior to entering health and safety protocol, Durant put up back-to-back 34 point performances for a COVID-crippled Brooklyn lineup in wins over the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers. Green and Durant were teammates for three seasons in Golden State. The two were part of the Warriors' championship runs in 2017 and 2018. The former teammates each guided their respective squads to strong records in Week 4. Despite having several of their games postponed the Nets still find themselves sitting alone in the top spot in the Eastern Conference Playoff standings.Retreat away from Bogut, and you might smother his first and second options -- and even force him to put the ball on the floor. Hell, this is exactly how Bogut treats non-threatening centers on the other end when they loiter near the 3-point arc. The zone hasn't really worked -- the Mavs have allowed more points per possession when they use it, per Synergy Sports -- but it makes any Dallas game a unique NBA viewing experience. Let's just hope this new health scare passes, and that Bosh's medical team can figure out how he might avoid more serious issues going forward.Something you don't do to the reigning MVP, unless you harbor some things. Below are 20 people who have bones to pick with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. I'll bounce between players to keep a steady rhythm. As for the Dubs, they are scrambling to remain relevant. Klay Thompson has resigned but will miss most of the season with an ACL injury.

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