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rucsac cu urechi mickey mouse alb, You can also choose between the brown polarized or smoke black polarized color for the arms which again gives you some nice style options. These maple wood sunglasses were also handmade, which also makes them a little more special. Vintage carbonised bamboo frames with polarized lenses – these funky and affordable bamboo sunglasses are practical, sporty and beautiful. These 'Lil Kicks' are the same classic wayfarer style as our Flagship 'Kickers' and are handcrafted from durable and lightweight bamboo.Wood sunglasses are both trendy and beautiful, not that we care much about the latest trends as you know. We're fans of classic chic that can be worn and enjoyed for a few seasons in a row and wood or even bamboo is the perfect durable material that will stand the test of time. With a lightly polished finish and soft silicone...Woodword – not to be confused with Woodworm also a sunglass brand – makes beautiful bamboo sunglasses. These are 100% handmade from bamboo, each with its unique grain. Angie Wood Creations is a family-owned business based out of Canada, headquartered in French-speaking Quebec. They deliver an eco-friendly product range made from wood. You can even find bow ties, handbags and wooden watches in their shop. All products are handcrafted from sustainable wood, delivering a one-of-a-kind item.Most of the best wooden sunglass manufacturers are committed to planting trees after every purchase. We do traditional, classics, favourites, bright and loud! The polarised lenses are epic for surfing, fishing, watersports or just spectating from the side. Our sunnies will take you from your early morning walk through long, lazy beach days, to trendy evenings where it's cool to hide your eyes.The major players in this market are brands like Shwood, Proof and Cloudfield. TZ Lifestyle handcrafts its bamboo sunglasses, making each pair beautiful and unique. They come with polarized, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective UV protection lenses. Keep your eyes safe while you're doing your favourite activities both in or out of the water.And the Square Keyhole frames come with polarized lenses. Treehut has a wide range of styles for every occasion. Lightweight with retro styling, the frames are made of wood with metal components and are all waterproof making them perfect for water sports and everyday wear. Take them with you wherever you may choose to go. They come with 9 layer polarized lenses and a double UV blocking coating for solid UV protection. The tinted lenses provide UV protection, is durable and fun.They are the perfect combination of quality and style. Coming in both 51 millimeter and 55-millimeter sizes give you sizing options for an optimum fit. A wicked forest pattern aligns the arms of these frames allowing them to stand out from the pack.So, you need new sunglasses and are thinking about getting the bamboo ones? The next item on our list is stylish and would suit anyone, I'm sure. I am a fan of its deep brown color and trendy shape. You can take them surfing, to a pool party, or to the beach without worrying about losing them in the water. FashionTIY is a cross-border B2B self-operated export e-commerce platform for overseas markets.Perhaps one of the most eco friendly wood sunglasses brands around is Panda. Made of 100% sustainable bamboo and encased in a natural bamboo case, these shades come in black, brown and blonde frames. There's basically one to match just about any hair colour! With both UV and UVA protection, the lenses will ensure your eyes are shielded from any harmful rays, too. The cherry wood color on these Tayope sunglasses is a little lighter than other wooden sunglasses, but these one of a kind shades are made from real cherry wood. With a reasonable price point and polarized lenses, these are a great option.

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